Thomas Tarshis Children's Psychiatrist

Thomas Tarshis, MD, MPH

Organizational Affiliations: Dr. Tarshis is the president, initial clinician, and director of the Bay Area Children’s Association. Dr. Tarshis is a board-certified adult, adolescent and child psychiatrist and serves as adjunct clinical faculty at Stanford University in the department of psychiatry. 
Relationship with Community: Dr. Tarshis is a community volunteer, parent of three children and formerly worked at homeless shelters and community clinics in underserved areas. Dr. Tarshis coaches multiple sports teams and provides education on anti-bullying for schools and other organizations. 

Todd Archbold, Praire-care

Todd Archbold, LSW, MBA

Organizational Affiliations: Mr. Archbold is trained as a social worker, has an MBA degree and is Chief Development Officer for Prairie-care.  He has developed and implemented numerous hospital programs, including Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization (PHP) programs.  His expertise and guidance have been vital for the development of the BACA IOP.
Relationship with Community: Mr. Archbold is the parent of a young child and has worked with local and state level government and community agencies with respect to improving care systems for youth with mental disorders.

Aaron Zitzer
David Morris, Finance Manager, Maxim Integrated Products

David Morris, MBA

Organizational Affiliations: Mr. Morris received an MBA from Columbia University and serves as a finance manager at Maxim Integrated Products. 

Relationship with Community: Mr. Morris is an active community volunteer, coaching multiple sports, and participating with the parent-teacher organization of his children’s school board.  His financial planning expertise has been crucial for the success and growth of BACA.  He is the parent of four children.